Exhibition: IWA 2018

For the first time, we displayed our product range as STV TECHNOLOGY at the larges European arms and ammunition expo.

For the first time in history of STV TECHNOLOGY we took part at IWA 2018 international exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany. In the years prior, we used to participate at this expo on behalf of what is now our sister company STV GROUP.

This year we displayed and offered Scorpio 9mm Luger rounds produced on our new, cutting-edge machines as well as  Scorpio 7,62x39 CIP, Scorpio 7,62x54 CIP, and Scorpio 7,62x51 CIP ammunition.

Upon the review of our presence at the expo we may claim IWA 2018 a business success for we made contacts with new partners across the EU, the Middle-East, and Africa.

We are looking forward to IWA 2019!