Scorpio 9 mm Luger Ammo tested in Swedish VAPENTIDNINGEN magazine

Our cartridges Scorpio 9 mm Luger 124gr were subjected to testing by the most respectable Swedish expert magazine VAPENTIDNINGEN with very good results and recommendation. There is no wonder that the precision of the components is exceptional:

  • The average weight of tested FMJ bullets with declared mass 124gr (8,0g) is 7,99g with the maximal deviation of 0,09g.
  • The average powder dose of declared weight 0,30g is 4,87gr what represents 0,3155g, the maximum deviation here is 0,039g.
  • The precision in all of the parameters results in a very consistent bullet velocity that achieves in average the velocity value of V1 350,60 m.s-1 while the declared value being V1 355 m.s-1. The deviation between the maximal and the minimum velocity is Δ 7,6 m.s-1, a  figure we consider a perfect result.

The resumé of the Swedish magazine is very positive for us:

The results (Scorpio 9 mm Luger) show excellent price/performance value. Therefore, STV TECHNOLOGY would like to express gratitude for a job well done to all our colleagues and coworkers who produce our Scorpio 9 mm Luger ammo.