Our company STV TECHNOLOGY, s.r.o. belongs to the STV INVEST holding. Together, holding companies leaded by STV GROUP a.s. belong to the leaders in the ammunition production and military business fields.

As a result of separation of the unit producing 9 mm Luger ammunition from STV GROUP a.s. company, in order to upgrade production standards and quality of our products, STV TECHNOLOGY, s.r.o. was founded in 2017.

More about STV Technology

New Priming Machines for STV TECHNOLOGY

In the past couple of days, our company set up new priming machines capable of high-capacity production. This will result in the increase of the total quantity of 9 mm Luger rounds produced in our facility, and higher quality of the priming as well as complete Scorpio cartridges.

We produce highly precise ammunition

Our production plant and storages are located near the beautiful historic town of Polička where we produce our main product - 9 mm Luger cartridges and convert the military ammunition - 7.62 mm caliber cartridges for the civilian market.

Thanks to our well-established business relations with our reliable foreign suppliers we also distribute other high-quality ammunition on the European market.