Scorpio 9 mm Luger Cartridges Tested in South Africa

ManMAGNUM a South-African magazine on guns and ammo recently tested our cartridges.

In Cuan Robinson of ManMAGNUM is satisfied with the performance of our 9 mm cartridges.

"For comparative purposes, we ran the STV ammo alongside two other 9x19 loads firing similar 124gr projectiles. All six firearms were shot over a Caldwell G2 chronograph placed three metres from the muzzles."

"Sport shooters looking for reliable and accurate ammunition that meets the required 125+ Power Factor can confidently compete with this ammunition. The lowest recorded power factor of the day, usin STV, was 128.96 and was shot with diminutive Glock 43X. The boxer-primed brass appears to be a quality product and should give hand-loaders multiple loads."

In the Czech Republic, you can purchase our cartridges in STV ARMS´ stores